Helping companies and their staff to develop

SGPA is a family-run investment company founded by Jean-Paul Guisset.
Drawing on real experience of entrepreneurship and creating businesses, our team helps companies with their development and business creation plans.

About us

Le projet de SGPA


Attention to clients, taking care in serving them, valuing staff, respecting individuals and innovation are decisive factors in companies’ growth.

Raison d'être

Helping companies to exist, to be innovative and effective, to develop, to grow their teams, to create jobs. Making companies independent and helping them stand the test of time.

Evergreen approach

Projects can take time to blossom. Our “in it for the long haul” approach makes it possible to implement growth processes that over the long term can add a significant dimension to the company.

Our investment criteria

Nos critères d'investissements SGPA

We have investments of between €200 thousand and €2.5 million in early-stage businesses and start-ups. We support the company through its successive financing requirements.

We also acquire majority stakes in SMEs or medium-sized businesses with investments of €5 million to €30 million.

We work closely with the companies we invest in, while also allowing them to maintain their initiative and remain independent.

Our team

Notre équipe SGPA

We share a taste for creating and developing businesses


Arnauld Mesqui

Chief Executive Officer
Groupe Proxiteam

CO site Teinte rose

Claire Onillon

Chief Executive Officer
Groupe Strada Éducation

PHG teinte rose

Philippe Guisset

Chief Executive Officer
Groupe Lisa Design


Martin Latournerie

Chief Financial Officer
Groupe Lisa Design


Alexandre Rayne

Managing Partner


Sandrine Lacassin

Office Manager


Amine Skitioui

Finance Officer


Lucie Nivet

Right-hand of CFO


Thomas Assou

Investment and portfolio Analyst


Marc Assaf

Entrepreneur in residence


Maud Elbase

Accounts Management


Sophie Gauchy

Family Office & GM
Project Manager

Sans titre (2)

Louis-Marie Vallée

Family Officer


François Guisset

Deputy CEO


Jean-Paul Guisset

Founder & CEO